Daniel Martinez
Owner / Photographer

For the past 5yrs I have been a portrait photographer who recently grown a passion in something I never explored before which is architectural photography. My passion with the camera began when my daughter was born nearly 5 yrs ago. I hired a professional photographer to take photos of my daughter and was mesmerized with the end results. At this point, I wanted to continue to build my family's photo album and took up photography myself. I have always had the passion to capture these memories and freeze time to remember those precious moments. I am happily married with my wife of  seven years with two beautiful children. My wife and I have been actively building ours skills in photography while fine-tuning and branching to different types of photography. I have worked numerous projects in the line of photography and now it is time to advance my style along with my technique with real estate and commercial photography. I have always been intrigued with architectural photography and I find doing what you enjoy continuously meeting new people and capturing images of amazing homes is a win win for everyone. At this point DM Photography was created to deliver those services. The passion I have for photography is the same ensuring my clients are completely satisfied with their overall end results. As a photographer I try to capture “The Moment” that tells the story.